Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

Olive trees are ever green plants that can live up to 600 years or longer. Olive oil was first cultivated sometime in 6000 B.C. from these trees. The benefits from olive oil have mostly been used in cooking, but research has been providing insight into other beneficial uses for olive oil. There are many benefits of olive oil for dogs depending on the way it is used.

Relief of itching from ticks and flea bites

Tick and flea bites can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to excessive scratching and further problems from skin infections. Olive oil helps soothe and reduce the discomfort that these bites produce. The application of olive oil will kill off the insects which in turn allows for the inflammation to cool down and provide relief of discomfort from these bites.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

Ear Infections

Ear infections in dogs can cause serious health problems if left untreated. Infected ears can swell and burst the ear drum leaving permanent damage. Olive oil can reduce the swelling and kill off mites that cause infections in the ear. Consulting a veterinarian about the proper use of olive oil and treatment of ear infections will help avoid any potential damage that an untreated infection might cause.

Soften Dog Collars

The texture on dog collars can lead to skin irritations that may cause discomfort or blotchy skin around the neck. Olive oil for dogs can help soften the texture on a dog collar to prevent irritations to the skin.

Enhance the strength of nails and cuticles

Soaking dogs paws in olive oil can strengthen the nails and cuticles over a period of time. This can lead to less peeling, cracking, and prevent damage from occurring.

Health Benefits

Olive oil helps eliminate free radicals in a dog’s body which causes damage and health issues over time. It increases cell function and repairs tissue to help keep these radicals from doing damage. Vitamin K found inside olive oil helps prevent blood clots from forming. This helps ensure a healthy heart to reduce the onset of heart disease in dogs. Oil from olives also helps lubricate bowels to act as a natural laxative and maintain healthy tract movements.

Improve shine on coats

Feeding a dog olive oil can increase the shine and density of a coat of fur. Fur acts as a natural shield against elements of nature and helps regulate a dog’s temperature to keep it from becoming ill. The improvement of fur coats from olive oil for dogs helps protect against allergens, insects, and other elements that can cause skin irritations.

Consulting a veterinarian about the proper doses and usage of olive oil will help keep a family dog healthy and fit for years. This natural oil can help prevent skin irritations and complications from insects, act a relief for ear infections, and improve the overall heath and well being of a dog’s life. Olive oil for dogs has many uses that are not just limited to one purpose. The tremendous benefits that these uses can have on dogs will keep them healthy and eliminate a variety of risks.

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