Top Five Omega 3 Benefits for Dogs

Since the 1930’s scientists and researchers have been studying the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. The data collected from these studies was to determine the health benefits that fatty acids give to people. Over time research showed that the benefits from the intake of these fatty acids improved cardiovascular health and reduced heart disease. In the 1990’s research on the subject took a turn and began to study wider range of applications for omega-3 fatty acids. Some of these studies concluded that the nutrient in the supplements that contains these omega-3 benefits pets such as dogs. To help better understand these benefits is a list of the top five omega-3 benefits for dogs.

  1. Puppy Brain Development
  2. Anti-Cancer Effects
  3. Reduced Cardiovascular Problems and Heart Disease Risks
  4. Increased Immune Function
  5. Anti-Inflammatory for Bone and Joint Pain

Puppy Brain Development

At an early age puppies have a small amount of time for the developmental stages of proper behavior imprinting. During the first 14 weeks puppies learn more during this stage than they can during the entire rest of their lives. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to increase brain sensory functions to help boost stimuli. This allows for dogs to be more receptive to training, develop increased motor eye function, and have higher reflexes along with mobility.

Top Five Omega 3 Benefits for Dogs


The fatty acid chains in omega-3 acids have been shown to help reduce the potential onset of abnormal cell growth that causes certain types of cancer. This also benefits those already diagnosed with cancer by slowing the cell growth, increasing appetite, and returning to normal weight. The effects from this can help improve the overall quality of life and the longevity of a dog’s life span.

Cardiovascular and Heart Disease Risks

Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids have shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and lower heart disease risks. The acid chains act as a cleaner and help remove the buildup of plaque in the arteries. This helps maintain a stable circulatory system and prevents the damage that high blood pressure along with buildup can do to the heart and body.

Immune Function

The combination of omega-3 benefits for dogs helps increase the auto-immune system. This increase helps provide a natural barrier against allergies, infections, and diseases that can develop over the course of a dog’s lifetime. A stable immune system that can fight off potential threats will help ensure a longer more energy filled life.


As dogs age they develop signs and symptoms of arthritis and decreased mobility due to pain and joint discomfort. Omega-3 acids act as an anti-inflammatory to decrease the discomfort that joint pain causes. This provides an increase in energy, alertness, and motor reflexes to help keep dogs active and healthy.

Selecting high quality supplements that contain omega-3 benefits for dogs will contribute to the length and quality of life. Veterinarians can offer a more detailed knowledge base of the benefits, doses, and supplements that omega-3 can give a dog. For decades research has been showing that these benefits not only can help people in their daily lives, but benefits of these fatty acid chains can also increase the vitality and health standards for dogs as well.

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